Day 356 – Un-tapped

I have been secretly practicing my own kind of tap dancing. It isn’t that I feel I need to invent a new style, I just haven’t had money to take classes. So I practice some of what I remember from Sylvania’s FitTap classes (I miss them so much!) and occasionally I watch a video on Youtube. If Sylvania would just come out with some video lessons!!!

Anyway, this is a crazy mix-up from years of making up my own thing – which once I actually put taps on I realized didn’t sound so great – and the things I’ve learned. But mostly my own…I wasn’t too crazy about exposing myself totally just yet, so I played with the editing and I like the jive rhythms I got. I slowed one take down and laid a second take on top in real time with a “sci-fi” effect in iMovie.

This song is Italian Waffle by Mujaji.


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One response to “Day 356 – Un-tapped”

  1. Molly Logsdon says :

    Dance is like life….it is about movement and projecting forward and preferably with fun, good fellowship, and branching out to new adventures like dancing on a cold windy morning at Liberty Memorial where we house The National World War I Museum, the only American museum solely dedicated to preserving the objects, history and personal experiences.

    Let us dance rejoice and be glad in it!

    Thank you Mary for the experience and all the new dance partners you brought together. ~Molly

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