Day 359 – Dancing with myself…

Good old Billy Idol! I was at an audition this morning and this song was playing in the casting room. I heard it and wondered how many other totally great and totally obvious songs there are out there waiting for me to remember them! I mean some days I struggle to find songs and then here I am almost a whole year into the project and just now dancing to this great tune.

Mark and I drove around looking for a good location – hoping to find a crowd of people – it’s not that easy to do on a weekday downtown, so we settled on this overpass on Baltimore. I think the people driving by were sufficiently confused because Mark was a long way away for most of the shoot and I really did look like I was dancing with myself and myself alone :-).


  1. One week to go!!!! I’m watching!

    Hey… if you’re looking for new old songs, how about “walk this way” by aerosmith?

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