Day 362 – KC Writer’s Group – Paperback Writer

A month or so ago I danced with Maril and Deborah. Maril had read about the project in the Kansas City Star in June and contacted me wanting to take part. Deborah was coming along as a not-so-sure participant. Apparently she had a great time, because she invited us to surprise her writer’s group this morning with a spontaneous dance party. She chose the – very appropriate – song, Paperback Writer by the Beatles. Since it was a surprise, I wasn’t sure how enthusiastic they would be. Turns out – everyone participated and had a great time. I love this job!

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10 responses to “Day 362 – KC Writer’s Group – Paperback Writer”

  1. Jillaine Smith says :

    Sweet! Nice match of song with group!

  2. maril crabtree says :

    Mary, thank you for providing another memorable community dance experience. Now my question to you is — when are you going to choreograph a flash mob dance for Kansas Citians?

  3. Deborah says :

    What an exhilarating experience!
    Mary, thank you both so much for bringing your wonderful music and dance into our group. I loved seeing everyone’s energy and enthusiasm.

  4. Connie Larson Miller says :


  5. Carole Katsantoness says :

    Thank you both so much. What a wonderful vision to see the writer’s smiling and dancing together. Just an exhilerating addition to our joyous celebration. I’ll watch it again and again and share.

  6. Bob says :

    Mary, had a great time dancing to the song. We can not only write, but we can dance too.

  7. Susan says :

    This really got me into a festive spirit. Thanks!

  8. Victoria Williams says :

    How fun to see writers I know and many I didn’t know “getting down” to Paperback Writer. Wish I’d been there.

  9. Sally says :

    Wow! Not only are we great writers, we can dance too!

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