Day 363 – Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

Everyday it seems I make new friends with this project! A couple of dancers that I met last weekend at our Flash Mob, Molly and Ann Marie, joined me today along with my friend and fellow actor, Mary Ruth. We met at Crown Center to see if we could spread some Christmas Cheer.

My favorite moment of this video comes about 2/3’s of the way through when a lovely older woman in a wheelchair just had to join us. Things like that really light my heart. We had a great time, though most of the other holiday shoppers seemed to be in their own little world. But you can see her again at the end waving and cheering us on.

The kids on the playground were pretty interested in what we were doing since we were moving at about 1/10 of a normal speed. That was Mark’s idea…we had used that effect in a video earlier this year that we filmed at the River Market. Today’s really worked and I think we had the most fun of anyone.

This song, Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives brings back happy memories from my childhood.

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