Day 364 – Gratitude

I feel a little like I used to feel as a kid on Christmas Eve, full of excitement and nervous energy about what the next day might hold. I guess what I’m feeling is a little more complex than wondering what Santa will bring, but it might not be too far off in the magical thinking area.

I’ve spent the last year completely immersed in this project and tomorrow marks it’s completion. Over the past year I’ve imagined all kinds of possible outcomes from getting “discovered” – to living in shame for committing so much time to a passion without knowing the outcome or if my activity had any outward value (I always have thought so…but in the throes of it, I’ve had my doubts.)

I wished some people in my life would have taken more interest, but mostly I’ve been amazed by the number and variety of people who have not only encouraged me to continue but expressed sincere interest in the project and even volunteered to participate.

It’s a milestone for sure and it opens the door for the next part of my life to unfold. I am a bit sad to see the end, but I’m also optimistic that I can continue to be an advocate for making dance more a part of our everyday culture. I will continue the original mission of the Freebox- to encourage people to sit less and dance more.

The blog will continue, and I will continue to post on, plus I will be creating an outlet to air other people’s everyday dances by accepting submissions and having guest contributors. I hope to create a network for people to arrange public spontaneous dance events wherever they are – and I’ll even collaborate. I’m looking to partner with a corporation to use the message of the Freebox as an outreach for their brand, whether it’s a company that wants to increase their employees health, happiness and creativity, a corporation that wants to use the Freebox as a means of positive community outreach, or ideally, a media partner that I could create content for – going from city to city arranging public dances and making a video as a segment for a popular dance show or talk show to promote dance as an everyday part of life.

What I know is that the message is a positive one and there are no down sides to Freebox dancing. It’s fun, it’s free and it connects people and brings them joy. I’ve seen it over and over and over again this year.

So about today’s dance. I wanted to have one more studio dance before the year ended, so I got up very early today before our flight to L.A. (and before the sun!) This song, Gratitude, by Earth, Wind and Fire says what I want to say. It’s my way of saying, Thank You for being a witness, for your support and encouragement over the past year. I really appreciate it! I dedicate this dance to my husboyfriend, Mark. Without his partnership, creative genius and unwavering loving support, I could never have made it through this year. And it certainly wouldn’t have been as much fun.


  1. I love this one– such a joy to watch you move. Know that you have a lot of people who you don’t even know who have been following you– granted, not every single day. I admire your ongoing enthusiasm, your commitment to movement, and tenacity in seeing this through. Best to you in whatever your next adventure may be. I’ll be watching.

    A friend of Tori’s watching from the east coast.
    — Jillaine Smith

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