Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas morning. Last night I was tossing and turning all night like I used to do as a child on Christmas eve in anticipation of what Santa would leave under the tree for me the next morning.

My tossing and turning last night had nothing to do with anticipation, but rather gratitude for a great, unexpected gift (actually a prize!) I received last night and excitement about potential collaborations in the new year.

The gift was from my friend, Justin Gardner who works for AMC theaters and is a political blogger (

Last week Justin announced on his Facebook page that he had passes to give away that granted the bearer plus one guest access to just about any movie anytime at AMC theaters. He had 73 people who pitched him as to why they should get it and 6 passes to give away.

He called me last night to tell me that I won because he thought The Freebox was such a cool project! I have never won anything before and when I saw that the other winners included some folks who are real movers and shakers in the Kansas City art scene (Peregrine Hoenig for one from Bravo’s series “Work of Art”, I really felt honored!

So, I guess I’ll be seeing a lot of movies this year and that is sure to influence and inspire my blogging aspirations for the future.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Here’s a little blast from the past – my partner Eric Fillion and I dancing a Viennese Waltz to Karen Carpenter singing “Christmas Waltz”

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