Free (inside the) Box

As 2011 begins to unfold I find myself feeling the pull of a new calendar beckoning me to change things up and step up my game. The Freebox Everyday Dance Project was a wonderful way to explore my creative side and experiment more with going with the flow than with planning and scheduling. I’ve long been fascinated by the fact that life is made up of both free flowing energy and the form to contain it. Too much form and the energy gets squashed. Not enough form and the energy is just chaos. Both extremes result in a loss of energy.

There was an imposed structure to the project: one video every single day. Beyond that the time of day, how long the video was, what the content would be (dance of course…) and how long I spent on the process all were left open – as long as I posted something each day. I loved the creative discovery process that allowed me time and space to let the muse show up, but I also struggled with the lack of structure. I’ve known for a long time that discipline helps me to thrive. It took discipline to post a dance everyday, but now I’m looking to add an element of planning and scheduling that I didn’t exercise last year. I’ve got tons of experience planning big events, dance camps and shows – it’s just been a while. Like all muscles, it will come back it’ll just take a little bit of time and some practice.

Last year my powers of authentic expression grew exponentially, now it’s time to package that expression and give it the chance to have the most positive impact possible. I came across some old footage from my ballroom days – a time when my life was super structured. It’s fun to see me with my former partner, David out on the floor of the United States Ballroom Championships – right there with Mary Murphy and some other amazing professionals. This year I’d hope to recapture some of the spark I had when I was at this competition level and funnel it into building community through dance.

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