Dance Kansas City

I’ll soon re-organize this blog as an archive of the Freebox Everyday Dance Project and retire (or at least officially go on sabbatical from) blogging here. I have gotten some very sweet messages from people saying they miss my videos and asking if I will make more. Thank you! I’m taking a break from making videos for now – but there are 365 so I’m sure if you look you can find one you haven’t seen. I’ve had such a wonderful experience with the Freebox project and met so many people. I feel I really stretched myself and have grown from the experience. It feels like I just need time to process the changes and what meaning the project has had for me and for others.

In the meantime, I’m refocusing my energy to my new teaching business I’ll be teaching my lessons mostly at Ballroom Unlimited in Mission, KS. In some ways, I’ve come full circle – back to teaching ballroom in a studio owned by one of my former competitors and teacher, Perry Gingerich. Perry has welcomed me with open arms and he remembers me in the hey-day of my competitive dance days. It’s really nice to have such a warm welcome. An added bonus that I hadn’t expected is that I’ve been warmly greeted by his students – and even ran into an old friend from years ago who still takes lessons with him.

I’m strangely excited to mix the old and the new and to return to my former passion, ballroom dance with renewed vigor. The studio is warm and friendly and I feel optimistic that I’ll be able to work closely with the other staff to continue to develop my dance knowledge and even create some fun show numbers together.

I love teaching and I’m looking forward to building a student base. If you know anyone in the Kansas City area that’s interested in learning to dance, I’d appreciate if you send them my way.

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