That’s a Wrap

It’s been over 4 months since the final video of The Freebox Everyday Dance project. Most of which time I’ve been working in a restaurant, building my teaching business and helping Mark get his book, Riding Man, on Kindle (it’s by Mark Gardiner – and it’s a brilliant book about following dreams). What I haven’t done is blog, Facebook or think about The FED project.

As I write this, I am acutely aware of an unfolding crisis of potentially epic proportions happening right now in Japan. I am praying for the safety of my friends Sato, Mariko, Satoru, their family and of course all of Japan. I ask myself how to live when tragedies of such proportions exist. The only answer I can come up with is to do so with reverence and appreciation for what I have and to spread joy. Tragedy will continue, it needs no help. Spreading joy in the midst of it is valuable work.

That basically sums up why I did what I did last year. I’ve been asking myself what it was for, what it was all about and what do I have to show for it. The world may never pay me money for frivolously spreading joy, but I’m in it for the long term rewards.

Thank you Edward Kramer, Tracy Phillips and The People’s Post in San Diego for producing this wonderful


  1. Hi Mary, I just saw this. And as always, you’re amazingly insightful and so well spoken. I am grateful for your efforts as you touched so many people, I’m one of them, and will never forget your message. Hopefully others are reminded of it… despite the lack of daily reminders via your blog.

  2. Thank you .Thank you .Thank you !!
    Now we are fine .
    And next month,satoru`s parents will
    come from west area in japan to our home (east area) to cheer up us.

    But I have a pretty sad thing.
    I have a wonderful dance teacher
    and I`m a member of her team.
    But end of this month will her last class.
    My dance teacher will go back her home town.
    Because her parents lived near the
    Fukushima new clear plant.
    Now they took refuge Aomori prefecture
    northern japan.
    So she decided to quit her dance company and her job to live with her parents.
    End of this month will her last class.
    I believe someday I can dance with her again.

    I also believe some day I can dance with you!

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