Begin again…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the days when when I was posting everyday. I was talking with Mark about what I miss about it – not including the silly amount of stress I put on myself to get a video out everyday – but the flow of our lives. One of the big things I loved was coming up with a concept and taking action on it right away. There was a sense of urgency that forced letting go of perfectionism and fostered action.

For a long time I didn’t look at this blog or watch the dances, but lately I find myself surfing over to Youtube and watching as a witness. I like what I see and it makes me want to dance more. So I figured, why not. Why not just post a video when I feel like it? Maybe I’ll find a theme to work on, but in the meantime why not just dance? So here it is, yesterday’s dance. I showed it to Mark last night and he said he could see some real shifts in my movement approach from the videos of a year ago. I’ve been working on opening up my upper back and I can see it too. I was happy with the balance on some of the moves that surprised me when they showed up. It’s a one take improv dance – oh what gifts show up in just listening….


  1. Great to see you again, Mary! I admire your energy and drive (and, of course, your dancing.) I like the fixed camera and mirror effect here. Look forward to seeing more of your work.


    1. Hi Leslie! I was thinking of you just today! So nice to hear from you. Thank you for your kind comment – I am happy to be dancing again. And I’m not only dancing here, I’ve been practicing my ballroom with a professional partner – so I’m doubly blessed!

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