Freebox Evolution

This blog has been a very personal account of my journey of posting a dance video everyday for one year. During that year I experienced a full gamut of emotions – bliss, frustration, deep depression, love, elation and lots of self loathing and self pity. It was a brilliant process to put myself through. Now that I am enrolled in the Robbins-Madanes Institute for Strategic Intervention I am gaining a great deal of perspective on my emotions. It’s a great gift to have these videos because I remember my state for everyone of them and now I understand so much more about how those negative emotions served me in the past and how I no longer need the uglier ones that were habits of my mind.

I’m happy to report that now that almost a year has past since The Freebox Everyday Dance Project’s finale, I am able to look back on the project with a great deal of love and respect for myself and all the people who supported me through it. I also can see that there is a lot of good in what I was doing. Creative, poignant, funny, goofy, strange – but a full artistic range was expressed in the pages here.

Where would it all lead I wondered. I don’t know the answer to that completely yet, but I do know that my mission is still to dance and get people to dance with me. But even more than that it’s to champion dance for the healing tool that it is. Through dance we can experience our soul and there is little that can match that. I appreciate my many teachers, but especially Vinn Marti, creator of the Soul Motion movement community ( for gracing me with permission to find the courage to dance from my heart and to share from my authentic truth.

This blog will evolve to expand The Freebox from a blog that charts my personal process to a place that invites others to join the movement literally. The Freebox is a space of growth, healing, community and fun. Oh yes, FUN! That is our main goal. Thank you for checking in here…and I look forward to sharing the evolution with you.

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