Sitting, the new killer? Stand-up desk hack

The new killer it seems is sitting. Studies are popping up everywhere and being cited by such publications as The New York Times, The Globe and Mail and dozens of other news outlets about the dangers of sitting for too long.

Long before these studies came out I have always wanted a stand-up desk. It just makes sense to me, I don’t feel as good or think as well when I’m sitting as when I’m on my feet. In August, Forbes posted this article with some great looking options for stand-up desk. All of which look pretty attractive, are functional and are pretty much out of my price range. Besides, I just bought a desk from the antique mall down the street that goes with my metal bookshelf (purchased from a neighbor who was moving to LA.) I love my metal desk for several reasons, one being it is big, two: it’s retro and cool, three: it reminds me of my dad – who had a similar style desk in our garage when I was growing up.

So I won’t purchase a stand-up desk anytime soon, but I created a hack that, is super functional and makes me really happy!

FBX headquarters (Chubbs in charge)

Lots of flexibility and functionality in this simple stand-up desk hack.

I had a square wire shelf left over from a set of cubbies that I bought and only needed half of. You could use almost anything that is slightly larger than the set of 3 plastic letter trays. I currently have them attached with a rubber band so the wire rack won’t slip off the tray. It’s a bit ghetto (hey, so am I deep down :-)), but it works and I feel so happy! I know soon I can make it more attractive, but the functionality is primo!

Other benefits:
Whatever reference materials I need for the projects I am working on are right under my computer.

I can move it forward and back on my desk so if I need space to work on something on the desktop, it’s there and I can sit if I want to.

Standing when I work makes everything feel easier to me. When I sit down and start working on something, then discover I need something from across the room…it feels like a chore to get it (and there is good exercise in standing up and sitting down) but when I’m standing everything is in my reach.

Standing doesn’t have to be stationary! I can dance, shake my butt, lift my legs, wiggle around feel more free.

I’m on a mission to get you to Sit Less and Dance More. I hope you find this helpful. If so, leave a comment. If not, leave a comment. If you think it will help a friend, share it!

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