the Freebox Experience

The Freebox is a way of moving through the world…

It’s an improvisational movement and dance technique that exercise the body, mind and spirit.

(whatever we do, we don’t take ourselves too seriously:-)

You don’t have to be a dancer. As a matter of fact, the people who benefit the most usually think of themselves as bad dancers or not dancers at all. The Freebox is about moving your body in new and creative ways, having fun and getting outside of your box. We play our exercise and become lighter in mind, body and spirit because of it!

The FreeBox uses movement and improvisational dance techniques to exercise creativity, awareness, and resilience. Sweat, laughter, spontaneity and friendships all happen in the course of a typical session. We invite all participants to let go of their rigid ideas and make space for a more vibrant, authentic, joyful version of themselves to emerge. We play a diverse range of music, play with a diverse group of people, and discover new ways to move our bodies, minds and spirits.

Sessions begin with a self-paced warm up and a few simple techniques that encourage us to explore widerscope of movement possibilities and enable us to express our emotions through movement. We move alone and together.

The FreeBox isn’t going to teach you how to dance, but your dance will change and develop with consistent practice. The FreeBox is all about freedom of expression. Sessions are guided and facilitated but in The FreeBox, you learn to listen to your body as your teacher.

No words can really explain The FreeBox!

Why? For starters, most human communication is non-verbal. The FreeBox is all about listening, then connecting–both to yourself and others–without using words at all.


5 responses to “the Freebox Experience”

  1. Warren Vail says :

    I really like what you are up to and I am starting some projects that are in a similar vein. I love working with horses in healing and sharing their teachings with people. I’m recently transplanted back in the SF bay area after 5 years in Maui. Where are you?
    Warren Vail Horse

    • Mary says :

      Hi Warren, Thanks for stopping by. I love horses too – so we have two things (at least) in common. I’m living in Kansas City, MO now…recently transplanted from So Cal. I love it here.

  2. Warren Vail says :

    My other web site is I am on FB and new to Twitter also.

  3. Sherri Corwin says :

    Hi Mary I lam the Starbucks Store manager at 39th St and hear you might come dance through Volker/39thst with us for Passionately Pink Week supporting Susan G Komen, I looooovvvveee this idea and really look forward to meeting you.

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