Why is it called “The FreeBox”?

When I lived and taught at Esalen, there was a room called the Free Box. It was a place where people could drop off things that no longer serve them, and where they could find things they needed. That Free Box was an environmentally (and economically!) friendly way of recycling and reusing.

The Freebox  has become a way of thinking to me.  It’s a way of living with the box, not trapped in it.    Whenever I walked into the Free Box with a clear intention, the thing I sought was there for me. It’s also true that I was often surprised by finding things I had no idea I needed or wanted.

The balance in the dance for me is to practice technical form so that my freeform can be more free. It’s like being prepared for spontanaety. If I keep up my skills the options for improv are much expanded because I have a greater capacity to counter balance in wild spins.


2 responses to “Why is it called “The FreeBox”?”

  1. maril says :

    What a fabulous idea – I’m so proud that you’re in my city making this happen.
    Yesterday I took my first Zumba class and felt the freedom of just “going for it.”
    In earlier days I and a group of other women danced for justice on the courthouse steps, danced for women’s equality in Loose Park and danced for peace in parks all over KC.
    May we all keep dancing!

    • Mary says :

      Hi Maril, thank you for the kind words. I would love to meet you and hopefully dance with you someday. I appreciate your encouragement and warm welcome. We love it here!

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