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We recently read an interesting “thought paper” from Pritchett, a Texas-based management consulting firm. Pritchett identified ten Deep Strengths essential to the success of any company, whether for-profit or not-for-profit:

Resilience                                                                Confidence

Energy Level                                                           Creativity and Innovation

Can-do Attitude                                                       Ambition

Hope                                                                          Happiness

Competitive Spirit                                                   Staying Power

Then, Pritchett surveyed 300 CEOs, asking them to rate the importance of those Deep Strengths in their organizations. Most of them rated Creativity at or near the top in significance, but at the same time they identified it as one of their own relative weaknesses.

Unlocking organizational creativity is just one of the ways The FreeBox can help your business. We build strong teams and open channels of communication.

Whether it takes the form of a series of “movement breaks” in your sales meeting or conference, or an immersive corporate retreat, making our practice one of your best practices will also strengthen your company-wide levels of Confidence, Energy, Hope and Happiness.

Our approach integrates physical activity, mindset and communication coaching to coax vitality, enthusiasm and purposeful action out of your workforce.

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