What’s the great result?

The FreeBox is a physical movement practice that frees the mind. You will be more present and open to opportunities as you learn to be less “in your head” (your box!) and more “in the moment” (the present).

The FreeBox provides many benefits to many people. You will likely experience any number of the following:

Increased sense of well-being

Physical fitness, a great sweat,  exhilarating

Feel less stressed, more “in the flow”

Be more resilient physically and mentally

Have more fun

Be less concerned about what others think about you

Feel more confident

Live more ‘in the moment’

Be less attached to your mental chatter

Have a greater ability to focus and concentrate

Have increased energy – more life force available to you

Develop your mind/body connection

Be more relaxed

Feel more graceful

Enjoy a greater range of movement

Have fun dancing whether you’re good at it or not.

Understand non verbal signals – those you’re giving and receiving

Feel more connected to your environment and those around you

Increase your ability to perform in all areas, work, exercise, home life

Have a greater capacity to deal with challenges

Be more grateful

Appreciate and accept yourself and others more easily


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