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Thanks for your feedback, it really helps others feel good about joining us!


18 responses to “Your Comments”

  1. Karen says :

    Thanks so much Mary for such an amazing experience! No matter what mood I start the day in once I Freebox I feel like I am in total bliss! I love playing with you and the group. Can’t wait for Tues. 🙂

  2. kathleen says :

    I had a wonderful first experience with Freebox! The dance space is beautiful and the music groovin’. Mary is inspirational and I look forward to learning a lot from her. A great place to feel joy and laughter.

  3. Mark G. says :

    Always a beautiful experience! This shouldn’t just be for dancers–it would be a great exercise for any group of people who have to work together creatively. Shed those jostling egos! Stop thinking about what you’re thinking!! Man the barricades!!! Oops, don’t know where that came from — I mean, to The Freebox!

  4. Mary-Joy says :

    Finally…This is the class I’ve been waiting for, for 10 years. It is truely a safe place to play, feel free, rejunivate and let the real me out. THANKS!!!!! Thanks Mary for making it happen, you’re an inspiration.

  5. Kathy M. says :

    I wasn’t prepared for how much I enjoyed this class. I thought it would be of limited use to a ballroom dancer, and even less use to a crusty old left-brained scientist like myself. Wrong on both counts! Really fun and inspiring interactions with everyone there, and Mary really knows how to facilitate things to keep the energy flowing. And a great workout to boot!

  6. Randy Herman says :

    Thank you, Mary, for the opportunity and the means to, well, begin to relocate my self. I continue to anticipate judgment from others, and I continue to find only acceptance. And laughter. And love.

  7. Mari H (from japan) says :

    Last Tuesday I had first session.It was very happy and wonderful time!
    This week I can`t join,but I want to go again!
    Tank you Mary.

  8. Judith Balian says :

    “Mary Pinizzotto’s FreeBox dance class is both fun and energizing. Mary is an experienced, caring teacher who makes everyone feel at ease. What a gift to explore myself through movement in a safe space!” Judith Balian, Encinitas

  9. Chrissy says :

    I found your site when I searched youtube for new West Coast Swing videos updated this week. Your clip caught my attention when I saw people dancing in front of JC Nichols Fountain…I was like whoa…KC. I lived there and have danced in front of that fountain myself! Anyway, I think what you’re doing is wonderful and inspirational. Keep it up!

    • Mary says :

      Hi Chrissy, thanks for the encouragement! I love your website, looks like you’re doing your part to bring dance to the masses too! Thanks for stopping by…I wished you were still here in KC and could dance with me! I’m new here, so any suggestions you have for dance or anything – I appreciate!

  10. Doug says :

    Saw your article in the KC Star today and visited the website. You’re one goofy lady – yet thoroughly enjoyable. Keep it up!!!

  11. Laura R. says :

    Hi there Ms. Mary-I found you…I want to dance too except going fishin…and won’t be around til August….how bout August…can I get you in the groove then w/ me? Somewhere weird and fun? I will surface then and hopefully we can shake it up. Your videos are a hoot and what fun you are having (I think)…lots of work and learning new things too. We met 6/5 at a party…until then have fun!

    • Mary says :

      Hey Laura, thanks for dropping by! I look forward to boogying down with you in August. We will have a lot of fun! Have fun until then!

  12. Deanna says :

    Since you are in Kansas City have you thought about doing one of your daily dances at the Heart of America ballroom competition in August?

    • Mary says :

      Hi Deanna! Are you going to be dancing there? Thanks for leaving a comment! I’ll have to think about that, I haven’t been to a ballroom competition in many years. I’ll have to think about that.

  13. Lesly says :

    hello Mary,
    It was nice to meet you at Shai cafe? keep up the good work very nice videos. see you around. Have a great weekend!!!!!


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