Soul Motion and Ballroom = The Freebox…

I’m very excited to be in the Soul Motion™ Leadership Training Program 2013/2014.  It’s been a long time coming and I am so grateful for this positively life transforming experience.  I have practiced Soul Motion for almost 10 years. The story of how I found it is quite serendipitous and wonderful, but I’ll save that for another time. Today I want to start the next chapter by beginning to capture my insights, inspirations, take aways and forward creations.

I have had two days back teaching ballroom since returning from the first module and I found some common themes arising on my lessons derived from Soul Motion, and absolutely valuable to the ballroom dancer:

There are 3 points of view:

Inside – I must feel my inner sensations and stay connected to this source of my dance while attending to

Partner – I must take my partner in as part of my dance – sounds obvious, but believe me it’s not that easy for everyone. This is a level beyond both partners knowing their steps, this is a meeting of the energies of both partners. While in this intimate connection with myself and my partner I must connect to

The entire room – the space around us, the community of dancers on the dance floor. We refer to this as an aspect of floor craft in ballroom dancing – the ability to flow our dancing within a room of other couples while avoiding collisions.

Common themes

I’m making notes for now and plan to expand on these themes in future posts:

Dance movements from the inside out!

Ground – we must feel our feet connected to the earth and use this connection as as source of energy.

Take root to fly – One way of doing this is to practice press through balls of feet and crown of head – bi-directional stretch

We dance in all directions with our back body, side bodies, front body – making use of 360 degrees orientation – dancing the entire body in all directions.

Slide plates of shoulder blades down the back – feel sternum or breast bone lift

ABCDE of partnership – pause presence engage from there.

Extend connection from the heart through the palms of the hands

Cross lateral movement – CBM – Diagonal

Be breathed, notice it

Relax, feel and allow this spacious sense to engage the subconscious mind where all technique, skill and creativity is awaiting its entrance! Tension is what is blocking the door.

This is the movement moment! Not where I just was or where I am going. Full presence is an aliveness in this moment. The ability to extend the point of view to include others allows this presence to expand and be felt.