1. Yo Mary I be likin this. Very cool! Are you familiar with the film genera Dance for Camera? How about Dance Camera West in LA? dancecamerawest.org
    My next big life goal is to create a dance film deep in the heart of Canyon Lands National Park in Utah with live music. I’m seeking funding now.

    1. Thanks for that Timo! That is great information for me. I would love to hear more about your project. I appreciate your encouragement and that you took the time to leave a comment here.

  2. Okay, so after 60 minutes on the elliptical, I was inspired to dance to Rave On John Donne by Van Morrison. Do you know that song? I was turned on to it this past summer and it has significant meaning for me. It came up during my workout, and I was just high enough from endorphins to go for it, so it was pretty clear that was the song for today’s dance.

    I have danced to that song a handful of times with good partners – Art and Russell, and it was spectacular each time, but today was just as spectacular with an added twist. Having no partner freed me up to do whatever I wanted, and while there were some definite cha cha moves, that was only one piece of it. I am discovering new moves – moves that I never thought I could do – and a spontaneity that I though was long gone. How can I ever thank you for bringing this to me? Admittedly, I had to ready for it, and I clearly was, but without your impetus, I may have missed this side of my dancing.

  3. Hi Mary & Mark, Karen & I really got a chuckle from watching you dance through Target. You two were adorable in your antics. It reminded me of you & Karen dancing at the restaurant last night. The shoppers seemed oblivous but thats par for our culture. Glad you’re having fun.
    It was a pleasure to meet & dine with the two of you. Hope to see you both again before you relocate.

    1. Hi Harvey and Karen! It was great to meet you too! Thanks for making our dinner so enjoyable! Next time we’ll meet – we’ll really cut a rug!

  4. Thanks for your comments on kareyisms, Mary! You inspire me, ya know! Dancing for the world to see without fear of being judged is quite a feat!

    I love this blog!!

    Thanks for your support!

  5. Mary, You give me great joy with your dancing AND with your courage to dance for the world. Your joy of dance will be shared and the good feelings you engender will spread virally. All who love to dance should support you and promote you to their friends and followers. I am!
    Keeping dancing with a song in your heart. – Val

    1. Dear Val, Yay, yay, yay and yahoo for you. You -who also have a dancing heart! Thanks for the encouragement and support. I am learning every day and I will keep on. I will carry that smile in my heart with care, it can easily get beat up by my head 🙂

  6. hi Mary!
    watched you dancing on Zuco 103 on youtube (very nice!)
    i’m a fan of the soultrain line dance sessions, they’re often full of movements coming from space and witness of some kind of spirit i like, my english is too poor to describe it better, what do you think of it? do you dance this way sometimes or plan to?
    warm encouragements 😉

  7. Hi Mary, caught only the last few minutes on Up To Date. I was so impressed. I am a 76 year young widow and love music and dance. Would love to find a safe and comfortable place to dance and meet people of all ages. I live in Jo. Co. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Harriett, thanks for getting in touch. I’m pretty new to the area myself, and live downtown KC. but one of the callers to the show mentioned a place in Overland Park called Louis’. I think it’s a dance studio…their website looks fun. I’ll make sure to email you of any upcoming events I may host too!

  8. Mary,

    I’ve been wanting to choreograph a Mob Dance myself. I’ve danced all my life & just don’t have that much time lately to dance as I’m a single parent of 2 young children. I’d love to meet you & have the opportunity to work with you on another public mob dance.

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