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Welcome to the Freebox Everyday Dance project. I’m Mary Pinizzotto and I started this project as a way of following and – funnily enough – discovering my dreams. I danced everyday for 365 days and this is the blog that journals my adventure.

I love getting people to move and laugh and play. I’m pretty good at it too. One of my dreams is to travel from city to city and make fun videos dancing with new friends that inspire more people to dance.

This video is a sampling of my dances with friends and strangers both planned and spontaneous. From Bikers I met in the middle of the highway in Utah to a covertly filmed group Viennese Waltz in Walmart, I’ve danced with all kinds of people in all kinds of situations.

I’m on a mission to get people to sit less and dance more. Dancing is fun and fun is good. Join us!


9 responses to “Hello!”

  1. Chris Chef Mellor says :

    Very cool !!!

    • Mary says :

      Hi Chris, thanks for stopping by! Hope you’ll drop in often!

    • Sylvania Reyna says :

      Mary, I am so glad you are working on the ELLEN Show. Ellen loves to dance, and shares our passion with movment making us merrier! Your guest spot on her show could make the difference in Ellen getting an EMMY…(Ellen are you listening). Mary has inspired thousands to SIT LESS< DANCE MORE! Please Ellen…invite Mary to share her passion!!! Mary's mission to dance 365 days is a small token of her heart felt commitment to get " the boogie" going for as many people as possible. It would be funnnnnnnnnn!

  2. cheryl Massey says :

    AWESOME! Ellen should be proud to have you on! We need to all write her and suggest this daily!

    Good Luck!

    Still Making My Day!

    • Mary says :

      I love the way you think Cheryl. Yes, write to Ellen. And share the videos with your social networks….that’s a great start!

  3. Jillaine Smith says :

    C’mon Ellen D – Mary P is a MUST-HAVE for your show!!!! (maybe we need to start a campaign on facebook, like they did for betty white and SNL)

  4. Christy Brennand says :

    Go Mary, Go. I think you and the Ellen show are a perfect match. I’ll keep an eye out for you.

    • Mary says :

      Hello Christy,

      Thanks for stopping by!
      I just skimmed your site and now I can’t wait to go back and dive in! I want to improve my cooking skills and add to my repertoire. And here you are visiting me! I love how things work out that way. Thank you for the vote of confidence, I really appreciate it. Let’s stay connected.

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