Soul Motion

Soul Motion: Creative Expression

Soul Motion provides a supportive environment, encouraging each student to experiment and freely express their unique dance with both structure and open-ended permission as guides. When moving in the space/time field, students require landmarks and intervals to shape the dance. Respected as movement artists, students are encouraged to re-arrange the familiar, stay open to surprise, and grow in perception and expression.

Soul Motion is a movement ministry of conscious dance that accesses, and embodies authentic presence. During Soul Motion practice, students are invited to explore and discover their interior worlds of image, individuality, and imagination. Within the framework of movement expression, students are invited to relax toward the mystery and magic of creative expression and to experience a renewed reverence for the body.

At the core of Soul Motion lies the wisdom that we are mystic travellers spiraling toward a direct experience with Life. This experience is expanded and magnified through our creative expression in authentic, supportive and loving community. Soul Motion practice fosters and supports individual expression and inquiry within the container of shared community.

-Vinn Marti, designer of Soul Motion


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