Yankee Doodle Dandy – Day 204

It’s the 4th of July, Independence day in the USA. We headed north to Parkville, MO – a little town by the river – to check out the local festivities and fireworks. There was quite a bit of local color on display there (as you’ll see in the video) but it started to rain quite heavily and we headed home before the show. I got a wonderful surprise at home, I can see fireworks out my window as I’m writing this! I hope you had a wonderful and safe 4th of July holiday.

Day 203 – Multitasking!

Some days you have to multitask. Today was one…the floor really needed sweeping so I decided to dance with the broom. It sure makes house cleaning more fun, and though it may not be as clean as if I weren’t dancing – it’s done with more love! This music is “No Bar do Samba” by Zuco 103 off their album, Outro Lado.

Day 201 – Whatever Lola wants

We taped for a couple different angles, but this I chose to just use this one shot because it looked best to me and I’m in a mode of keeping it simple and keeping it about the dance today. I love this song, it reminds me of friends at Dance North County in Encinitas. I miss them. If you’re reading, I love you guys!

Day 200 – La Fugitive

I felt like a fugitive from sanity today. I just had a real strong mood overcome me. Maybe I was putting a lot of pressure on myself today. First it was day 200 – seemed like I should do something special. Second, I had a second interview for a job that I think will be great, but represents change. And third, I had a class assignment due. I think I did pretty well on the interview, though who knows. I bombed in class which was really unsettling because I thought I was prepared and as far as the dance goes, I was just happy to be doing something I know I’m good at and that brings me a great deal of joy.

I just want to say, that through this project as I emphasize feeling good, I am keenly aware of the travesties and tragedies in the world. Dancing isn’t a way to escape these things, but hopefully a way to deal and heal.

Day 199 – King of the Road

Today’s dance was fun. We started our day out in Hays, Kansas – a very cool little college town in KS. We had dinner last night at Gella’s/JB’s. It was very good – a pleasant surprise after a long day of driving through Kansas! This morning we had a really good coffee at Semolino’s coffee shop – also in downtown Hays.

We were singing King of the Road in the car and when we saw the train tracks and that the trains were accessible we thought this would work just fine. It was Mark’s idea originally, but after he gave it to me – it was mine too.

I am now uploading version 2 because, as I suspected, the Roger Miller version didn’t make it through Youtube’s copyright screening and was blocked. It’s a drag when that happens, but as often happens, I like this Dean Martin version better for my dance. I was dancing from memory an was hearing a swingy tempo in my head which fit this version better.

Day 197 – Gadzukes!

I drove from Colorado Springs to Boulder yesterday to visit with some dear friends of mine that live there. I enjoyed a superb meal with my friends, Kimberly Jonas and Hollie Rogin at Holly’s boyfriend, Patrick Cullie’s house. He cooked, cleaned up and served us hand and foot! Patrick is a musician (among other interesting things) and his group is Gadzukes! He gifted me a CD of his album, New and Used

Kimberly, Holly and I decided on the way home that this song, I’m Pau off of Gadzuke!’s album would be perfect for our dance today.

Kimberly teaches a body of work she calls Body Mantra I’m biased because she’s my friend and I love her, but what she does is quite beautiful and her classes attract a truly generous and joyful community of movers.

We video’d this before and after class. Thanks to John, Hollie and Kimberly for dancing with me and thanks very much to Patrick for the music and the food. Thanks to Holly for sharing her home with me and Josie for coming to have breakfast with us. Oh yes, and thanks to Ginger for being a very good dog.

Day 195 – Here comes the sun!

This morning Marky and were in the lobby of our Colorado Springs hotel at 3am to meet our escort to lead us up to Devil’s Playground on Pike’s Peak – 12,000ft. There’s a motorcycle road race here this weekend that is second only to the Indy 500 in longevity here in the U.S. This morning was practice for the Ducati/Faulkner-Livingston/Malcolm Smith race teams that we were there to report on.

Last night, Mark suggested that we use the song “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles. While looking for it on itunes, I came across this version by YoYo Ma and James Taylor off the album, Songs for Joy and Peace. Let me know if you like it as much as I do.

Day 194 Summertime

We drove across Kansas to Colorado today. Along the way is a field of windmills. They are so graceful to watch. I love the sight of them against the backdrop of the Kansas prairie land. This version of Summertime by Angelique Kidjo is wonderful. There were lots of crickets around – which you can hear in the background when I’m talking. I was also tickled to hear them in the music when I overlayed this song in editing. I just hope the owner of that bail of hay didn’t mind my dancing on it!

Day 193 – Ashokan Farewell – Waltzin w/Marky

Today was another busy day! We’re going out-of-town tomorrow – there’s always so much to do before hitting the road!  Time was running short, and I’m a bit short on ideas the last few days but I’m not discouraged because I know the well is far from dry.  It’s not so much that I’m out of ideas, but time and space help coax creativity out.  Sometimes, I admit, a deadline does invite a surprise visit from the muse, but she generally likes her space.  I may be getting a real job soon…so I’ll have to ask her to meet me half way if that happens 🙂

I got Marky to waltz with me. He’s a good sport and we had fun. I love this beautiful folk song, The Ashokan Farewell. It’s so sweet and I guess since we are going away, it’s kind of appropriate. Watch the mirror in the beginning… I like how we caught his image there like it’s a ghost.