Day 356 – Un-tapped

I have been secretly practicing my own kind of tap dancing. It isn’t that I feel I need to invent a new style, I just haven’t had money to take classes. So I practice some of what I remember from Sylvania’s FitTap classes (I miss them so much!) and occasionally I watch a video on Youtube. If Sylvania would just come out with some video lessons!!!

Anyway, this is a crazy mix-up from years of making up my own thing – which once I actually put taps on I realized didn’t sound so great – and the things I’ve learned. But mostly my own…I wasn’t too crazy about exposing myself totally just yet, so I played with the editing and I like the jive rhythms I got. I slowed one take down and laid a second take on top in real time with a “sci-fi” effect in iMovie.

This song is Italian Waffle by Mujaji.

Day 355 – Java Jive at my favorite Coffeehouse

I’m feeling a bit better today but didn’t want to venture too far from home or do anything too strenuous. So when Abigail from KC Magazine asked where I wanted to meet for our interview today, I suggested my favorite neighborhood coffee place, the Crossroads Coffeehouse. I called them up and asked if they would dance with me when I got there and Jalene said, sure! This was short, sweet and fun!

This version of the Java Jive is by Fletcher Henderson, The Ink Spots and Cootie Williams.

Day 354 – The Sicky Dance

It was 4:30pm when I got out of bed and could just barely take myself to the couch to get this dance done today. I’m grateful that this cold held off the worst of it til today since I had a great time yesterday with the staff of KCUR. You can listen to the interview here.
I have really no voice today at all. I thought, ok…well this is what’s happening today and that’s what this project is about. Believe it or not, this really took a lot of energy to do :-). I’m going back to bed now to rest up for an interview with KC Magazine tomorrow and the big dance on Saturday at Liberty Memorial. I’m sure I’ll be feeling spry by then and I hope to see you there.

This song is the great Van Morrison singing, “Dont’ Worry About Tomorrow”

353 – Up To Date – The Politics of Dancing

Today I had the privilege of dancing with the good folks at KCUR. I’m actually sitting in their break-room editing and posting this morning’s video so it will be ready when I talk with Steve Kraske on his show, Up To Date in a few minutes. I want to thank everyone who played along with us today – Stephen Steigman, Jabulani Leffall, Ashley Ferguson, Andrea Silenzi, Jill Jordan, Tim Lloyd, Michael Byars, Dan Verbeck, Donna Vestal and even Patricia Deal Cahill (KCUR’s general manager) got into the act!

One thing that I really loved was hearing everyone say, “this is fun, we should do this everyday!” What a great birthday present for me!

Day 352 – J.B. Shout…

This song is the “J.B. Shout” by The JB’s off their album, Funky Good Time: The Anthology. I wanted to do something in front of the windows, so I stood on a table to get to the height I needed. Dancing 4 feet off the ground on a 2.5′ square table makes the boundaries of movement pretty clear. I wasn’t in the mood to try my luck with spins and so it made for a groovy go-go style dance. Fun.J.B. Shout

Day 351 – Guateque Campesino

I still have a cold today. I’m feeling better, but now I’ve given it to Mark too…so both of us are limping around a bit. We did manage to get a decent yoga practice in then I turned on the camera and zipped off this dance. I was dancing to El Desierto by Lhasa, but it got stripped by YouTube. So the song that’s on it now is Guateque Campesino by Gidon Kremer off the album, Mas Cubana.

Day 350 – Angel

I started feeling not-well yesterday and woke up with a sore throat and feeling pretty fatigued today. I hesitate to say that I have a cold or flu because it’s been so long since I have had a bug. I’ve woken up a few times with a sore throat, and always seem to be able to will it away. So I got dressed and we headed over to the Nelson Atkins to video this dance. I was not in the mood to move. I imagined that I would sort of sway and shift weight or something. Once the camera started rolling…this dance came out. I could barely hear the music….but it all really worked. There is a kind of magic in committing to something. I don’t know how it works, but I feel pretty sure that it does.

Mark said to me in the car that I should make sure to mention in my blog that there are many days that getting a dance posted has been really difficult. I told him that I’m sure I’ve mentioned it a few times – which if you’ve read for a while you probably know. It’s never the dancing that’s hard, it’s having to post something private for public consumption everyday. And I’ve done it without any resources, very little support (Mark has been unbelievably supportive) and virtually no budget. So many days, I have to overcome the question in my mind, “what am I, crazy?” The answer of course is yes. But aside from that, I have to believe that there are lessons still yet to be revealed and that my mission to get people to “sit less and dance more” has touched at least one person. That does make it worthwhile, though not any easier. This song, Angel, by Sarah McLachlin expresses a lot of what I feel.

Day 348 – Thanksgiving Blues…

This morning we went to a Blues Breakfast with our friends. I hope we get to do this every Thanksgiving from now on, it was so much fun. For the first time, I’m posting just a photo montage of our morning as the dance. You’ll have to trust me that we danced and dance, but my camera wasn’t working so I had to resort to taking pictures from my iphone. I could have come home and video’d a dance, but I think that would be silly. Since I make the rules for this project, I decided I’d rather represent our fun morning with a bad video than make a better video that doesn’t show the colorful morning we had.

Whatever you do today, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for you!

Day 347 – Wild Goose…

Mark and I were out running errands and started scouting locations for a dance. I didn’t have a song in mind. We were looking for somewhere that would highlight the fog effect when we happened upon this flock of Canadian geese. I thought it would be fun to get them to disperse once for the camera….what I found was that they weren’t that bothered by my presence and, like many people, were none to eager to expend any extra energy.

When I got home I remembered I had this song by Frankie Lane, “The Cry of The Wild Goose” straight off my parents record collection.