The contest has begun!

It’s fun to think that because I took action and decided to go for it and just make the video, that now more people are learning about the Freebox!  What a great feeling – I love that sometimes things I do on a whim have a real payoff.  I am sure everyone who posted deserves to win, and I’m pleased to be in the top 5. But I really hope I get to get on stage and dance with Tony and all the people at UPW!

Here’s the link – From Team Tony: Meet Mary, who believes in changing people’s state through moving their bodies. She recorded a year of dancing videos and wants to help serve others to dance the world awake! Want to help Mary go to UPW? Share this post or use the following link on Twitter or your blog:


Happy Dance.

I did a happy dance:   

 the song is by Jem and it’s called, “It’s Amazing”.

I entered a contest last week to win two free tickets to Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within in Orlando in November.  Tonight I was notified that I was one of five finalists. Tomorrow there will be a link on Tony Robbin’s Facebook page and his G+ page (and of course I’ll post it here) that you can watch and vote for by sharing it.  The more shares the better – that’s what decides who wins.

Why do I want to win?

This is a major opportunity to turn so many lives for the better.  Two of my siblings have already agreed to go with me. We are going to buy tickets and invite the other two also.  Our mother passed away last year and we are just now finalizing the sale of her home. My sisters and brother have all had very challenging relationships and have experienced divorce and suicide up close- (as have I, though now I have a great relationship with my wonderful husboyfriend.) They all have children, some of whom have children. There are long-standing dynamics that could be transformed – many lives will be positively transformed by my winning those tickets.  For me, it would be a true miracle to have us all together at UPW in November.

Just making the final five on the merits of the Freebox Everyday Dance Project makes me very happy. I would love to get more people dancing.  As a coach, I know an experience like UPW will make me even better. I am so grateful to have this opportunity!