There’s Something About Mary

Hi, I’m Mary. I started these daily dances because (obviously) I had too much time on my hands. As a former competitive ballroom dancer, I was looking for something that could challenge me creatively and artistically. After thinking about it for a few months, I finally woke up one morning last December and thought, “If not now, when?”  At the beginning, I was just hoping to get some exercise, practice my skills as a dancer, give myself a venue to perform and see where else it would take me.

I’m writing this from the perspective of day 113 and so far, I’ve learned a alot about myself and the nature of trust and improv, and even a bit about video editing and social media.  Up to this point this project has cost me nothing but time and about $100 for music and misc. items. Of course, it has taken many hours.  I’m working on a computer that desperately needs repairs, my video camera is woefully outdated and I have no budget for production. What a great gift all of that is! I’m working with what I’ve got and in this “new” economy…I think that’s a great lesson.

The Freebox name came to me when I was working at Esalen Institute. At the Institute, there was a little room we called the freebox where people recycled clothing and stuff. We dropped off things we no longer needed or wanted, and picked up anything that caught our fancy. I always found that whenever I went to the freebox with a clear intention, I’d find the very thing I needed. As I developed my own dance practice and began teaching, I tried to keep that in mind; we need to let go of the things that no longer serve us, and take inspiration wherever we find it. So far that’s been the case with this project… Though I admit that I’m looking forward to attracting more resources to support the continuous creative expression on these pages.

This project wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for my wonderful husband, Mark’s input and collaboration. He’s a genius…I’m so lucky!


14 responses to “There’s Something About Mary”

  1. Tracy says :

    Mary, the site looks great! And I can attest that there is certainly “something” about you. For those of you who don’t know her yet -your loss. For those of you have not FreeBoxed -again, your loss. Try it, live it, love it.

  2. Bernd Fischel says :

    You are really great! You have talent! I love your dance videos!

  3. sandi franklin says :

    Hey Mary I love the dancin on the sidewalk! I ve been known to dance in parks, plugged into the ipod but pick the hours when most folks are tuned into the tv or it is raining so I am incognito…yeah for you to dance in the light! I am still looking for the other 128 dances!

  4. Sandy Whitaker says :

    I think you should come dance in our community. We live at Lake Quivira, it is about 10 miles from the Plaza. Beautiful old clubhouse built in the 30’s, great docks and boardwalk. I love Otis Redding, “Dock of the Bay”. We have a beach, also lots of fun people.

    Hang in there girl. It is hard to move to a new city. You are doing something that brings joy. I love it!


    • Mary says :

      Hi Sandy – that sounds like a lot of fun, especially the beach and fun people part :-). I may email you one day to see if you want to help organize a little dance party! Thanks for your comment and encouragement, it means a lot to me.

  5. Karen McEwen says :

    This looks great and Bob and I are looking forward to dancing on the Nelson Atkins grounds – well at least I am! We will be in touch, am on the fly at the moment

  6. Rick Ryan says :

    Hey Mary,
    WOW! I was wanting to go to the Ethnic Festival on Saturday, but I was already committed to something else. I hated missing it. I was really wanting to catch the Scottish Bagpipes and Drums.


    ps…I notice the National Dance Day video has really taken off.

    • Mary says :

      Hi Rick, thanks for stopping by. The Ethnic Festival was wonderful – it was so much fun seeing so many nationalities represented here in Kansas City! Take care, thanks for saying hello!

  7. Lesly says :

    Hello Mary,
    It was nice to meet you. at the Shai Cafe. very nice dance videos, keep up the good work. See you around. Have a great weekend!!!!


  8. Ginger Griego says :

    Mary, I posted your “Shake your Booty” video on my Facebook page. It’s a great video. I love your outfits. The video led me to your website. Good luck with everything, it looks like you are doing some great stuff.

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